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Cylinder Vigilance: Signs of Hydraulic System Issues

Hydraulic Cylinders

Cylinders play a vital role in ensuring the efficient operation of hydraulic systems, and it is imperative to include their health check in routine maintenance. At Hoses Direct, we recognise that issues may arise outside the regular maintenance schedule, potentially impacting the overall performance of the hydraulic system.

When a hydraulic cylinder faces damage or wear, it can significantly affect the system's functionality. The good news is that hydraulic cylinders often exhibit warning signs when something is amiss, allowing for proactive measures. Identifying these signs is crucial to preventing system breakdowns, minimising downtime, and avoiding costly repairs

Unusual Noises

While hydraulic cylinders naturally produce some noise, loud thumping, knocking, or banging indicates potential issues. These sounds are often attributed to aeration or cavitation, both of which can lead to system damage. Recognising and addressing these noises early on is essential to prevent overheating, seal burning, or lubrication loss.

Irregular Movement

Hydraulic cylinders are designed for smooth operation, and any deviation, such as sudden movement or vibration, signals a problem. This can result from physical damage due to friction, insufficient lubrication, or worn/damaged parts. Monitoring and addressing these issues promptly is crucial to maintain optimal performance.

Elevated Temperatures

While hydraulic cylinders naturally generate heat during operation, exceeding set temperature limits indicates abnormal conditions. Monitoring the temperature and recognising overheating as a warning sign can help identify potential issues, such as excessive friction or hydraulic fluid problems.

Operational Speed Reduction

Faulty hydraulic cylinders may operate at a slower pace, impacting the overall system speed and efficiency. This could be indicative of increased friction or internal leakage. Identifying and addressing the root cause is vital to prevent a decline in cylinder performance.

Heightened Power Usage

A rise in energy bills may signal a problem with the hydraulic cylinder. Internal or external leakage and increased friction may force the hydraulic pump to work harder, resulting in higher power consumption. Addressing these issues promptly is essential to maintain energy efficiency.

At Hoses Direct, we emphasise that hydraulic cylinders rarely fail without warning. Recognising these warning signs and taking prompt action through regular maintenance, immediate repairs, and investing in high-quality components can extend the lifespan of your hydraulic system. Explore our range of industry-leading hydraulic components, including cylinders, pumps, motors, and valves. Contact us on 0333 6000 501 or email [email protected] tor technical support on cylinders, cylinder components