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Browse our hose valves and safely control the flow of liquids or gases through hoses. Whether you work in firefighting, plumbing, irrigation, manufacturing, construction, mining, oil and gas, or marine industries, our reliable hose valves will get your job done professionally. You’ll regulate water flow, adjust pressure and manage the efficient distribution of chemicals, lubricants or compressed air without hassle. Find the perfect hose valves for your needs by exploring our wide range of options. Take control of your fluid management with reliable and durable hose valves available for purchase online.

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What material do you need?

Choose the right hose valve for your needs. Materials commonly used include:
  • Brass for corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel for durability and chemical resistance
  • Plastic for lightweight and cost-effective options
  • Aluminium for lightweight applications
  • Cast iron for heavy-duty use
  • Bronze for marine and offshore environments
You’ll need to choose the right size and material for the best performance and compatibility with the fluids or gases being handled.

Still stuck?

Our friendly advisers have years of experience with all kinds of hose valves. It’s important you choose a valve that's compatible with your needs. For help choosing, just give us a call or hop onto our live web chat - we’re more than happy to help!