Browse our well-stocked range of air hoses – flexible tubes that carry compressed air from one place to another. Commonly used in industrial settings, automotive repair and other settings where you’ll need compressed to power your tools. Made of rubber, you’ll find our collection of air hoses in many sizes and lengths for your job. Use them to connect a compressor to air tools such as nail guns, spray guns and pneumatic drills with ease. Order online and get convenient delivery direct to your door at unbeatable prices.

100m High-Vis Hybrid Air Hose


10m High-Vis Hybrid Air Hose


10m High-Vis Hybrid Airline Hose 12.7mm Diameter


15m High-Vis Hybrid Air Hose


20m High-Vis Hybrid Air Hose


25 Metre Coils, 175psi Rubber Compressed Air Hose

From: £42.81

300psi Black Mandrel Built Compressed Air Hose, 15 Metre Coils, Compressed Air Hoses

From: £97.31

300psi Compressed Air Plant Hose, 100 Metre Coils

From: £171.92

5m High-Vis Hybrid Air Hose


Fitted with 1/4″ BSPT Male Threads Each End, Rubber Air Hose Assemblies, Compressed Air Hose & Assemblies

From: £11.61

Fitted with 1/4″ BSPT One End & Blow Gun, Rubber Air Hose Assemblies, Compressed Air Hose & Assemblies

From: £19.04

Rubber Alloy Airline Hose

From: £26.36

Need technical support?

Please ensure you select the right air hose for your job to ensure safe operation. For help choosing the right hose and any other requirements of your installation, please contact our friendly technical team on 0333 6000 501, email [email protected] or hop onto our live web chat.

How do you choose the right air hose for your job?

Air hoses are used for a wide range of applications that involve the transfer of compressed air. They are specifically designed to withstand high pressure and deliver air from a source, such as an air compressor, to various pneumatic devices and systems. Please choose an air hose with the right pressure/temperature ratings.
  • Pressure rating: If you’re using a high-pressure air compressor, you’ll need a hose with a higher pressure rating. Using a hose with a lower pressure rating may lead to rupture under high pressure
  • Hose diameter: An air hose's diameter affects air volume and flow rate. A larger diameter hose will allow for higher airflow but may also be heavier and less flexible.
  • Material: Rubber air hoses are more durable and handle higher temperatures. If you require something more lightweight choose PVC, or polyurethane if abrasion may be a problem.
  • Length: Make sure the hose length is right for the distance between the compressor and the equipment being used. A longer hose will result in lower air pressure at the tool end, so you must choose the right length to provide enough pressure.
  • Temperature: The environment’s temperature affects the hose’s flexibility and durability. Choose a rubber hose if you’re working in a hot environment or a PVC hose if you’re working somewhere colder.