Explore our comprehensive range of industrial cleaning equipment, combining excellent durability with great prices. For businesses across various sectors, investing in quality cleaning equipment is of paramount importance, whether needed for frontline operations – e.g, industrial car cleaning, carpet cleaning or food industry equipment maintenance – or as part of a general hygiene regimen.

The heavy duty broom heads, handles, brackets and floor scrapers on these pages are familiar yet critical components among industrial cleaning tools & equipment – and as industrial parts cleaning equipment.

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9 Deck Scrub Bassine, Natural Broom Heads

Bassine, Natural Broom Heads, Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Coco, Natural Broom Heads, Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Floor Scraper, Floor Scraper

Floor Stand Dispenser, Dispensers


Heavy Duty Bassine and Cane Saddleback, Natural Broom Heads

Heavy Duty Bassine and Cane, Natural Broom Heads

Heavy Duty Blue Saddleback, PVC Broom Heads

Metal Broom Bracket, Broom Handles & Brackets

Metal Support Stay, Broom Handles & Brackets

Red Saddleback, PVC Broom Heads

Red, PVC Broom Heads, Industrial Cleaning Equipment

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Which industries & applications need industrial cleaning equipment?

Applications include:
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Car cleaning services
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Food industry
  • Construction
  • Agriculture