Upgrade your hydraulic and pneumatic systems today with market-leading air compressors. Our versatile range of air compressor are used across several industries and applications.

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25 Series QRC Connection, Retro Fit Hose Reels, Air Compressors

Blueline, Belt Drive Compressors, Air Compressors

Brass, Suitable for Pumped Water Systems, Air & Low Pressure Hydraulics, BSPT, Direct Mount Pressure Switches, Pressure Switch

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Fan Cover, Direct Drive Service Kits

Feet & Wheel Kit, Belt Driven Service Kits

Feet & Wheel Kit, Direct Drive Service Kits

Low Noise, Silent Belt Drive, Air Compressors

Lubricated, Belt Driven Compressor

Lubricated, Direct Drive Compressor

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Lubricated, Direct Drive Compressors, Air Compressors

Motor Service Kit, Direct Drive Service Kits

Non-return Valve, Belt Driven Service Kits

What applications are your air compressors for?

  • Pneumatic Tools - Powering a variety of tools, including impact wrenches, drills and nail guns
  • Automotive Industry – Assembly, Painting, inflating tyres and supporting brake systems
  • Assembly Lines – Material handling, Gripping and Assembly
  • HVAC Systems – Controlling Valves and actuators in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Painting and Finishing – Compressed Air In Spray Guns
  • Medical Application – Medical Equipment, Dental Tools and Medical Tools
  • Food / Beverage Industry – Food Packaging, Bottling and Conveying
  • Mining and Construction – Powering drills, hammers and other tools
  • Power Generation – Valves & Actuators in Power Plants
  • Agriculture – Seed Planting and Crop Spraying

Need technical help?

If you need support with building or replacing parts of your pneumatic system, just give us a call or message for free technical support. We’re more than happy to help.