Below you’ll find a huge range of KELM-branded pneumatic products, including actuated process ball valves, air jets, blow gun accessories, distribution manifolds, flow regulators, directional control valves, and check & stop valves.

We also stock Kelm nylon recoil hoses, nylon tubing, polyurethane tubes, a wide range of one-touch push-in fittings, plus the popular Kelm 300 series. Kelm has long been a leading manufacturer of pneumatic components and is trusted by engineers globally.

Actuated Process Ball Valves (12)

Air Jets (1)

Air Preparation (56)

Blow Gun Accessories for ASG-1 (1)

Brass Quick-Fit Fittings (33)

Check & Stop Valves (6)

Direct Acting General Purpose Solenoid Valves (8)

Distribution Manifolds (5)

Flow Regulators (8)

Imperial (10)

Manual & Mechanical Valves (25)

Metric (14)

Micro One Touch Metric Plastic Push-in Fittings (42)

Micro One Touch NPT & UNF Plastic Push-in Fittings (19)

Miniature Fittings M3-M6 (6)

Nickel Plated Brass Adaptors (32)

Nylon Recoil Hoses (1)

Nylon Tubing (9)

Nylon Tubing & Tube Cutters (3)

One Touch All Metal Push-in Fittings (27)

One Touch All Stainless Steel Push-in Fittings (14)

One Touch NPT Plastic Push-in Fittings (24)

One Touch Plastic Push-in Fittings (38)

One Touch+ Plastic Push-In Fittings (16 bar rated) (32)

Pilot Operated Angle Seat Valves (2)

Pilot Operated General Purpose Solenoid Valves (16)

Pilot Valves (8)

Pneumatic Cylinders (50)

Pneumatic Grippers (5)

Pneumatic Silencers (16)

Pneumatic Vibrators (3)

Polyurethane Recoil Hoses (6)

Polyurethane Tube (4)

Rotary Actuators (2)

Shock Absorbers & Accessoires (5)

Solenoid Valves (17)

Stainless Steel Banding & Lockouts (1)

Vacuum (12)

Visual Indicators (2)

Their robust products are used in industries as diverse as agriculture, automotive manufacture, coal mining, and even cheese manufacturing. Our Kelm products are available with fast UK-wide delivery.

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