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Hoses.co.uk, a leading online supplier of hose and fittings, has an extensive selection of industrial clamps and clips designed to meet the diverse needs of industries requiring secure and precise fastening solutions.

Clamps and clips are specialised tools used across various applications, offering the advantage of reliable holding capabilities. Industrial clamps utilise pressurised fluid to securely hold heavy or difficult-to-handle items, allowing for secure and precise adjustments. Clips, on the other hand, provide a similar function but with a different form factor, employing a hinged mechanism to ensure the secure placement of items. Their ease of handling and storage make them a convenient choice. The primary function is to provide a reliable and robust connection between two or more objects. They are designed to exert pressure or force. The secure fastening is vital in numerous industries including manufacturing, construction, automotive, aerospace, plumbing and more.

Type of Clamps

  • Constant Tensions
  • Heavy Duty
  • Malleable Clamps
  • Pipe Clamp
  • Repair Couplings
  • Snap Clip
  • Super Clamp
  • Spiral Clamp
  • S/S Clamps

Type of Clips

  • O Clip
  • Mini Clips
  • Nut & Bot
  • P Clips
  • Pipe Clips
  • Saddle Clips
  • Snap Clip
  • Tool Clip
  • Hose clips

Hoses.co.uk offers a comprehensive range of clamps and clips, including industrial pipe clips and clamps including o clips, p clips, u bolts, saddle clips, toggle clamps and superclamps from reputable brands such Jubilee, Norma, Mikalor, Camozzi, C Cure and Band It Clamps. Each product is meticulously designed to provide a secure and precise hold, catering to various diameters and applications.

"The versatility and durability of our clamps and clips make them an indispensable tool across many of our industries," said Rabs Atwal, Head of Digital at Hoses.co.uk. "Our diverse range offers compatibility with a wide array of hose or pipe diameters, enabling secure fastening in a variety of applications.”

Here are some of the uses of industrial clamps and clips:

  • Manufacturing and Assembly: clamps and clips securely hold workpieces during machining, welding, gluing, and other assembly operations, ensuring accurate and consistent results.
  • Construction and carpentry: These tools are employed in construction and woodworking to hold material in position while they are being cut, drilled, or assembled. They help maintain stability and precision during these tasks.
  • Automotive and aerospace: These are crucial for securing parts such as hoses, cables, panels and components whilst drilling, riveting and assembly. Ensuring they stay in place under vibration or extreme conditions.
  • HVAC and plumbing: Used for heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems and plumbing installations to fasten pipes, ducts and hoses securely, preventing leaks and ensuring efficient operation.
  • Electrical and electronic applications: Used to secure cables, wires and conduits, providing strain relief and organising electrical and electronic components.
  • Medical and laboratory equipment: Clamps and clips are used to hold and secure instruments, tubes, and other components during procedures or experiments.

Hoses.co.uk understands that selecting the appropriate clamps and clips requires careful consideration of application, material, force requirements, size constraints, and desired features like quick-release or adjustability. Their knowledgeable technical team is available to provide expert guidance in choosing the best solution for specific requirements.

For more information on Hoses.co.uk's comprehensive range of clamps and clips, including their extensive selection of sizes and styles, please visit their website at www.hoses.co.uk or call the technical support team on 0333 600 0501.