Browse our fantastic range of PCL AirFlow couplings. The easy quick-release feature lets you make changes to connections without the need for tools. Ideal for pneumatic equipment that requires frequent connections and disconnections, such as automotive and industrial applications. PCL QRCs are used on garage forecourts, tyre shops, factories and workshops around the world. No more worrying about leaks – PCL quick-release couplings create connections that are airtight.

Order PCL pneumatic quick-release couplings from Hoses Direct, a distributor with nearly a century of experience. Our well-stocked range includes male and female fittings for many applications, so make the most of our outstanding service, hassle-free delivery and the best technical support out there (for free).

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PCL Female 100 Series Coupling


PCL Female 60 Series Coupling


PCL Female Airflow Coupling

From: £11.01

PCL Female Instantair Adaptor Brass


PCL Female Instantair Adaptor Steel


PCL Female Instantair Coupling Brass


PCL Female Instantair Coupling Steel

From: £15.81

PCL Female Mini Adaptor

PCL Female Schrader Adaptor

PCL Female Shrader Coupling


PCL Female Standard Adaptor Blister Pack

PCL Female Swivel Instantair Adaptor Brass


Need technical support?

For help choosing the right PCL AirFlow coupling, get in touch with our friendly team of pneumatics experts. We’ve got nearly 100 years of experience working with all sorts of pneumatics equipment, hoses and more, so you can trust us to provide accurate technical advice every time.

Compatibility information for PCL AirFlow couplings

You must ensure that the plug and socket you’re using are from the same series, otherwise, you risk a poor fit or damaging the couplings. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines for installation, uses and maintenance information.

If you’re unsure, please get in touch with us for free technical advice.