Browse our selection of genuine Unicone fittings, utilised by various industries – but particularly the road tanker sector in the transport of commodities such as sugar, flour, concrete, and animal feed pellets.

These precision-made fittings may appear simple in design, but they’re incredibly effective – which is why Unicone is a leading provider. On this page, you’ll find a choice of popular, genuine Unicone products, including Blank Ends, Drab Rubber Rings, Plain Hose Tails, and Serrated Hose Adaptors.

Blank Ends, Genuine Unicone Fittings

From: £32.96

Drab Rubber Rings, Genuine Unicone Fittings

From: £16.76

Instantaneous Joints with Drab Rubbers, Genuine Unicone Fittings

From: £119.56

Neoprene Rings, Genuine Unicone Fittings

From: £19.81

Plain Hose Tails, Genuine Unicone Fittings

From: £38.86

Serrated Hose Adaptors, Genuine Unicone Fittings

From: £49.28
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